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If you would like to know how to make a complaint against a councillor, member of a devolved public body or MSP, ask advice about making a complaint, find out about the investigations procedures or have any other enquiry regarding complaints, please contact:


Mr Bill Thomson

Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life

Thistle House

91 Haymarket Terrace


EH12 5HE


Tel: 0300 011 0550 or 0131 347 3890



Do you need information in an alternative format?

The Commissioner is committed to ensuring that the complaints procedure is as accessible as possible. Please contact the office if you have any specific requirements (for example, if you need correspondence from us to be provided in a specific format, such as large print).


Do you have an enquiry about a specific investigation (including media enquiries)?

Enquiries of this nature should be made in writing (e-mail is welcome) to the office.

It may be helpful to explain that we are a legal body and we are required to treat investigations confidentially. It may also help to explain that with this in mind, and in line with the public expectation of transparency, we will confirm only certain basic information that is provided to us.

Further useful information can be found in our Complaint Leaflet and Investigation Procedures (Councillors and Members of Devolved Public Bodies and MSPs).


SPSO Report

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman ("SPSO") has issued a report relating to our organisation. The Commissioner's response is below:

"So far as is consistent with his statutory remit, the Commissioner has fully co-operated with the SPSO, and will continue to do so. The Commissioner has noted the terms of the report and welcomes the conclusions that the complaints have not been upheld in relation to any substantive matter investigated".