Complaint Number: LA/R/1946,1973

Date case started: 11 Oct 2016

Decision issued: 30 Aug 2017

Allegation against: Councillor Paul Mack

Complaint Category: 3.2

Nature of allegation

That the respondent breached Paragraph 3.2 of the Code.

Decision by Commissioner

Following an investigation, the Commissioner has submitted a report to the Standards Commission for Scotland setting out his conclusion that Councillor Paul Mack has contravened the Councillors’ Code of Conduct in certain aspects.  The report incorporates Councillor Mack’s comments on the Commissioner’s conclusion. The Commissioner’s Report is available below.


The Standards Commission has decided to hold a public hearing to determine whether a contravention of the Code has occurred and, if so, the sanction to be imposed.  Councillor Mack will be entitled to be heard and be represented at the Hearing.


The outcome of that hearing was that Councillor Paul Mack had contravened the Code and was suspended for a period of 7 months from 1 November 2017.  Further information on the Standards Commission’s Hearing Process and Rules can be found on their website at  The Standards Commission’s decision will also be published on their website after the conclusion of the Hearing.



web report - la r 1946 1973.pdf

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